Monday, December 29, 2008


What People Like to Read

Alright, this is for Jon...

Overheard last night on the bus...

Girl #1: Well, every time I like try to recommend books, nobody reads them, they're all like, 'I can't believe you read this!' And I dunno, I just like, like the classics. You know?

Girl #2: I bet I would totally like what you like. Like, what books do you like?

Girl #1: I dunno, like, the classics.

Girl #2: Yeah, me too.

Girl #1: I know, right?

Girl #2: Like, I just cant read like, modern stuff. You know, like, obvious fiction.

Girl #1: I know like, I just could not get into Harry Potter. Seriously!

I wanted so badly to know what kinds of things they read, but they never actually mentioned books titles, only Fitzgerald. I was so entranced by their conversation that I couldn't continue reading my own book. Thankfully I was reading nonfiction, not "obvious" fiction or I would have simply died of embarrassment, seriously!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Love, Brody & Opal