Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I love being an independent woman.  But right now, I understand why people keep significant others and cars around.  I am so sick.  Disgusting, phlegm spewing sick.  In describing my current situation, I told someone that I am "Typhoid Mary-sick, patient zero in a worldwide pandemic-sick."  And there is nothing worse than being incredibly sick and having to take the bus, or worse, walk to the store.  So right now, at this very moment, I wish I had car, or a boyfriend who would walk to the store for me.  But mostly, I wish I had a car.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hmmm...I find myself procrastinating.  Not on anything important, except going to sleep.  So this newly, re-imagined blog was to be the cure for procrastination, or at least the more productive outlet of such.  And here I am, on my virtual Friday night, with nothing to share and nothing to write.

Oh sure, I have plenty of things stored up in my head that I wish I had the time to draw a picture of so you could see it too.  Or the time to really explain the little events of the week, so I wouldn't come off like some sort or raving, deranged, weepy fool.

Like the awesomest outfit I have ever seen, ever:
Super tight royal blue pants (no, not jeans, not even jeggings; seriously royal blue, skin tight pants), with a matching royal blue and black-checked, cabby hat; knee-high black boots; and...what would be the outfit's crowning glory, a tight black t-shirt with gold, sparkling lettering, declaring, "I want you to want me."  And man, did HE ever wear that outfit.  Just kidding, it was a woman...just seeing if you were keeping up

Or when I cried:
a little reading this story. About a high school hero.

Or the girl who was so terrified of a squirrel:
She was frozen in place on the sidewalk.  I saw the squirrel before I saw the girl.. He was doing his squirrel thing, running, jumping, eating things in the cutest way.  And then he stopped, and I looked up, and this girl was frozen right in front of him.  She couldn't move.  She thought about sidling around him, but any tiny squirrel movement had her taking a step back.  Man, I could hear the Jaws theme in my head.

Or how I know what costumes the cats will be wearing for Halloween!:
Brody will be reverse Battlecat.  You know, Orange body, green stripes

 And Opal will be Dr. Claw's cat, M.A.D Cat

I think that's enough for now.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

On the Midway

Carrie needed to (wo)man a table at the Puyallup Fair on Friday, so I tagged along as her textbook-reading non-volunteer.  It was pretty great. 

Here we are at the Grange exhibits.  Pretty cool!

My Scarecrow friend

Carrie doesn't quite measure up...as a carrot.

Washington: Canning Liberty for Freedom

Carrie!  Don't get squashed!  HAHAHAHAHA!

I love these things!

Next, we checked out my favorite part, the hobby hall.  There were paintings, dollhouses, Leggo sculptures, but I couldn't get enough of the collections

My Little Pony heaven

Interesting that the boy ponies resemble the Village People

Carrie approves...before realizing it was new Star Wars

Harry Potter Leggo mini-figures


Cats rule!

And pandas drool.

And then we made it to the Midway, where we finally realized why our parents never let us ride too many rides at the fair...man are they expensive. and not nearly long enough for the price.  We rode 2 rides.  And had another realization, our inner ear capabilities aren't nearly what they used to be.

Just before our ride on the swings

While on the swings

Our feet on the swings
Of late, there seems to be a general ennui exuding from everyone.  Trapped in this never-ending rut of the same-old, same-old.  Maybe it was last night's adrenalin-inducing, and pocket-draining rides that convinced Carrie and I to venture out on at least one new adventure a month.  It doesn't have to be pricey, it doesn't even have to cost any money, it just has to be something new... and out of the house...and adrenalin-inducing. How about the opera?  Kayak carol singing?  Just the beginning.

One Perfect Summer

Well, maybe not perfect; I can think of a few faces I would have loved to see. But as summers go, it was truly wonderful.  I'm not sure I have ever really appreciated a summer break as much as I did this year.  Perhaps more so now, looking back as I burrow deeper, and deeper into the cold, dark, reeking, endless tunnel that is the 2L year.  Side note: as that is my assessment one month in, I can only assume that things will be looking up soon...or at least by May.  So as your neglectful blog author, short on time (mine) and attention span (yours), I simply offer some of my favorite photos of the summer, and a promise to be a better chronicler in future...

PS: not all of these photos are mine...sorry friends for taking without asking.  I'll be sure to credit you if anyone comes calling!

Various Summer Fun:  Me and SalmonPants together at last, thanks to Patrice!; finally our own Washoe board (Carrie and I are sharing joint custody); playing said washoes with Colleen; delicious 4th of July barbeque; The AZ parents in kayaks, on Lake Union, in front of the Space Needle; and me with a PBR in my back pocket...classy!


Harry Potter 7.2: The end of an era.

Warrior Dash:  Carrie and my legs after the mudpit; Wendy and her warrior clan.

Finally finished with 1L year:   Debbie and I float off on the water taxi for pizza and illegally consumed beverages in Alki.  Nothing like breaking a few city ordinances to say, "Fuck you!" to the first year of law school

Shi Shi Beach Backpacking trip:  Me, the seastar scavenger, and Trish the coffee/firepit maven, plus some pretty amazing scenery

Guatemala:  It's hard to summarize this magical trip.  So that's all I will say, it was magical.

The Arch

Try juggling to quit smoking!

This is Dennis' photo, but I love it SO much
A blurry menage a trois
Some awesome girls on an awesome volcano
Saying goodbye

Aidan:  I wasn't there for this shot, but I think it is the greatest picture ever.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's been a long, long, long, long time.  I find myself wiling away my free time (what little there is) viewing and reviewing all the same old websites.  Nothing special, I check facebook, oh, 8 or 9 times...an hour.  I page through countless celebrity fashion images.  And I check out the news.  (Thankfully, I seem to have lost the desire to waste countless hours playing word games...if you don't count Words With Friends, but that's only on my phone, during my commute.)  But this year, it's only taken a little over a month of school to become utterly bored with the same old routine.  So I thought, why not spend that time in an actual creative pursuit.  Say, writing, and sharing stories with those of you that I don't get to talk to as much as I'd like.  That was the point of this blog in the first place.  And Lord knows, I am sorely lacking in creativity of late.  Produce, create, contribute, share.  Those will be my procrastination tools from now on.