Sunday, March 20, 2011

Backpack, Backpack

My new backpack.  Isn't she the most beautiful backpack you have ever seen?  She is an Osprey Brand, named Ariel, like the Little Mermaid!  And she is orange like the color of the Little Mermaid's hair.  And like the Little Mermaid, I covet and hoard possessions and store them in some catacombs.  Also I comb my hair with a fork.  And I sold my voice to the Sea Witch for some legs and a chance to meet a man who has no idea I exist.  And I can talk to topic.  Ariel and I are going to have some pretty fantastic times this summer.  First in Guatemala and then out to Shi Shi Beach.  Here's wishing her
a long life and many travels...mostly because she was very expensive.

Here I am wearing the backpack the improper way, much like the Little Mermaid would probably try to wear the backpack.

And a little movie 'cause it makes me happy, and it's so true.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

TV's Brian Dennehy

         At wine tasting today, there was a baby that looked
       just like Brian Dennehy.  I couldn't stop staring. Carrie   
           took this covert photo...sorry it's not bigger, the
                          parents were starting to notice.

Clear Vision

Dear friends Carrie and Trish
convinced me about the wisdom
of Vision Boards. A bulletin board
featuring your hopes, dreams, aspirations,
or just pretty things to look at for the
next little while. They update their boards
every year, but I think I might try a
rotating vision.  Complete something,
add something new.

It just serves as a reminder, a little nudge...
helping me remember the person I want to
be, the things I'd like to do.
I imagine learning to surf may be tacked to
my vision board for quite some time,
but some day I'll do it.

PS: Beautiful wine cork board compliments
of Carrie for gluing, and both Carrie and
Trish for drinking...I may have been
involved in the drinking.