Monday, September 26, 2011

Hmmm...I find myself procrastinating.  Not on anything important, except going to sleep.  So this newly, re-imagined blog was to be the cure for procrastination, or at least the more productive outlet of such.  And here I am, on my virtual Friday night, with nothing to share and nothing to write.

Oh sure, I have plenty of things stored up in my head that I wish I had the time to draw a picture of so you could see it too.  Or the time to really explain the little events of the week, so I wouldn't come off like some sort or raving, deranged, weepy fool.

Like the awesomest outfit I have ever seen, ever:
Super tight royal blue pants (no, not jeans, not even jeggings; seriously royal blue, skin tight pants), with a matching royal blue and black-checked, cabby hat; knee-high black boots; and...what would be the outfit's crowning glory, a tight black t-shirt with gold, sparkling lettering, declaring, "I want you to want me."  And man, did HE ever wear that outfit.  Just kidding, it was a woman...just seeing if you were keeping up

Or when I cried:
a little reading this story. About a high school hero.

Or the girl who was so terrified of a squirrel:
She was frozen in place on the sidewalk.  I saw the squirrel before I saw the girl.. He was doing his squirrel thing, running, jumping, eating things in the cutest way.  And then he stopped, and I looked up, and this girl was frozen right in front of him.  She couldn't move.  She thought about sidling around him, but any tiny squirrel movement had her taking a step back.  Man, I could hear the Jaws theme in my head.

Or how I know what costumes the cats will be wearing for Halloween!:
Brody will be reverse Battlecat.  You know, Orange body, green stripes

 And Opal will be Dr. Claw's cat, M.A.D Cat

I think that's enough for now.