Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He says it better.

I know many of you are aware of my ardent attachment to Stephen Colbert.  But lest you think I have foresaken his forefather, I will tell you that I am an equally avid fan of Jon Stewart. And this is why...

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Penn State Riots
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I love this show.  It's funny.  It's timely.  It's passionate.  It's smart.  Is Jon Stewart a liberal...I'm pretty sure that's a big YES.  Is he a Democrat...hmm, I have a sneaking suspicion he wouldn't want to be put in the same category with such clowns.  I only know that he's smart, he's articulate, and he's changed my admittedly stubborn mind on more than one occasion.  He's turned being informed into the sexy, hilarious, intelligent trait that it always should have been. Stephen will always have my heart, but it's Jon that stimulates my mind.

side note:  Perhaps it's because I have no serious attachment to college football, or football in general, that this story did not have me torn in two.  I have no allegiance to this team or this university or this sport, and so I can say that, yeah, it's easy for me.  Child molesters and those who harbor child molestors are bad and should be punished.  At the very least fired from their high profile positions.  But I have to say, that had this happened at U of A, while I was a student, I can't imagine that I would have rioted for the reinstatement of a certain, famous basketball coach.