Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take That Amazon!

The other day I got a call at work. It was a gentleman inquiring about a call he had received from us about a special order. I looked up his info and told him that yes, indeed we had received his special order. He let out a long sigh, and I braced myself for anger, wondering what could possibly be wrong, we had his order and rather promptly at that.

He tells me that when we ordered the book we weren't sure when it would come in and that it might take as long as six weeks. He said go ahead, order it and he would try to find it elsewhere in the meantime.

Well turns out the book shows up two days later, we call him and he calls me. He's already found that big bookstore in his computer. I say, "It's no problem, it's our fault and you're not obligated to buy it." And he says, "You don't understand, bookstores are DYING. I'll be in tonight to pick it up."

Swoon. What a lovely, lovely man.