Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bus Readers, K edition

This afternoon's bus ride home was brought to you by the letter K.

  • One fellow was reading a book about mountain climbing, the chapter he was reading: K2
  • Another gentleman was reading a Phillip K. Dick novel
  • The woman next to me was reading her Kindle (lame, I judged her)
  • and I was reading my new NME magazine cover story on The Killers
I obviously had the best reading material. At the very least, mine was the most beautiful.

Here's a funny story about the letter K. A few months back, when I was trying to be a little less crazy about The Killers (instead of my current and more comfortable state as full-on Killers historian...stalker) I was hanging out with Carrie, and determined not to bring up the subject of the world's greatest band.  Here's how the conversation went:

C: What'd you do today?
E: I returned some books to the library...I lied, I was returning cds.
C: I love that you lie about it and then tell the truth in the same sentence.
E: Well, returning books sounds more intellectual than returning cds.
C: Were they Killers cds?
E: No.
C: ...
C: Were they cds of bands that Brandon Flowers likes?
E: ...
C: Those are Killers cds!
E: No, they aren't and besides...(enter some long-ass story about The Killers' musical influences here)...Man! I wasn't going to talk about them tonight! It's your fault.  How did you do that?
C: Me?!? All I have to mention is their name and you've got a new story about their favorite foods, or what happened at some recent show, or what Brandon Flowers said in an interview...hell, all I have to do is say the letter K.

She's right. It's a powerful letter.