Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Bill o' Rights

You know I am all about rights...except the ones that seem wrong. Today as my parents and I were loading up the rental car in the driveway with their luggage, my dad accidentally hit the panic button. And much panic did ensue. I grabbed the keys and just started hitting buttons to make the thing shut up...but not before my neighbor came out, with a gun. That's right, a gun. He didn't point it at us or anything so terrible and in fact made an effort to hide it when he saw it was just a bunch of bumbling tourists. But still, he came out with a gun, in broad daylight. I don't know my neighbors that well, but I remember lending this guy a quarter when he was short one for the washing machine. Guess I should get to know him in case sometime I come home drunk and accidentally confuse his door for mine. Yipes.