Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Curious about my push-up progress? Jazzed about my juggling journey?

(Alarmed by my Artless Alliteration?)

I've been on the injured reserve lately. I tweaked my arm somehow and am not really sure what I did. Of course, it's hard to tell given the recent flurry of activity I've subjected my arm to...here's a list, I'll let you decide...

-carrying a 30 lb bag of cat food home from the grocery store
-crazy book shelving habits (The other day I had 15 minutes to shelve an entire cart. When I was done I called myself a "a shelving whirlwind, a champion of order!")
-a pinched nerve from being over-boastful (see above)
-the cartwheel I tried last Thursday (I was unsuccessful)
-sleeping on it wrong
-extended play sessions with the new toy I bought the cats
-holding up Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell while reading in bed
-aggressive crocheting
-cat presses (it's a bench press but instead of a bar I use Brody)

I wonder if my insurance will cover any of these?