Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spernit Humum

A few months ago, Jessica and I found a beret in the lost and found that had a strange pin on it. It was the image of a cat with writing around it. Given that it was stamped in silver it seemed not unusual that the writing would be difficult to read. Still, imagine our surprise after typing the phrase into Google and discovering "touch not the cat bot a glove" was actually what it said.

We were redirected to where we found that "touch no the cat bot a glove" means "touch not the cat without a glove" and is the motto of the Macintosh and McPherson clans. Further investigation had us giggling at other fabulous mottos like "victoria non proeda" which is "victory, not booty" and "over fork over" which, oddly, actually translates to "over fork over".

There's also the business minded Sempill Clan with "keep the appointed meeting", the apparently half-rooster Cockburn Clan with, "he rouses up by crowing". And my personal favorite, the Charmicheal and Ian Mhoir Clans who are "always ready", and the Murray clan, that is merely "quite ready".

Take a look and see which clan you belong to. I am clearly of the Kerr Clan..."sero sed serio", "late but in earnest".