Saturday, August 15, 2009

Material Wealth

Christy and I were talking the other day about how being thrifty can make a person, to use her words, shriveled. How being ungenerous with ourselves can make us ungenerous with others. This was in reference to (perhaps justification for) me wanting to splurge on a new hardcover of an author I've never read. It was just one of those books that I felt I needed to have. I think the last time I bought an unknown author (to me) in hardcover, was A.L. Kennedy's Everything You Need, and that was 2001. Of course that's not to say I haven't bought loads of other new hardcovers by people I have read, but it always feels like more of a risk, more of a splurge, with the unknown. In an effort to be more generous with myself, and in consequence, all of you, I bought the book. So, you're welcome.