Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Rant

I watched a lot of Olympics with Carrie and Trish this weekend. I enjoy the Olympics though I have to say, that I care little for Men's Olympic Hockey. I wonder, what exactly is the difference between Men's Olympic Hockey and the NHL, or the All Star game? The Majority of the players are NHL. We see them all the time as it is. Or at least in theory considering ESPN would rather air that fast-paced sport of poker instead of hockey. Yes, people say the Olympic version of the game looks more European, moves faster, is more interesting; but if it's a faster more interesting game, watch women's hockey. Though good luck finding more than just the highlights broadcast in this country. Women's hockey relies on speed and passing combinations rarely seen in its more physical, lumbering, male counterpart. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey, but in the realm of an amateur competition, I would rather watch actual amateurs and not multi-million dollar professionals.

As a side note, there's been a lot of talk about Team Canada pulling my baby, Martin Brodeur, and replacing him with Roberto Luongo after last night's loss to Team USA. By all means, give Luongo a shot, but Coach Babcock, when's the last time you've seen Martin Brodeur routed two times in a row? God, I hate how underrated he is!