Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Would like a bag for that?

I found this while going through my computer, from less pleasant days at the bookstore.  In this rainy season, this one goes out to all my TBP homies.

Would like a bag for that?

Correct Answers:
-Yes, please.
-No, thanks.
-No, thank you.
-I'm fine without one.

Incorrect Answers:
-Yes, it's raining.
-Oh, no! I don't take bags! Have to save the trees!
-That would be nice.(said with snark)
-Yes, I think it's going to start raining soon.
-Yes, I need to go to another store.
-Yes, I don't want you to think I'm stealing it.
-Yes, please...oh, don't you have plastic. Well, then no, I don't want a paper's raining.
-Normally, I would say no, but I have the dog in the car.
-Oh, dear! I forgot my bag. I'm trying so hard to remember to bring my own bags. But I forgot it. So, I guess I should have one. it raining? I can't tell. Well, maybe, just in case it rains.

I ask this question over 100 times a day. I don't care why you do or do not want a bag. I don't care if it's raining, news's always raining. I don't care where you're going next or if you "normally say, 'no'". All I care about is getting you the bag with as little personal contact as possible. By the end of my shift, I wouldn't care if pigs were flying around outside and the bag was just to protect your book from flying pig feces. I just don't care.