Wednesday, October 6, 2010


As I grow older, the difficulty of saying goodbye increases ten-fold.  Maybe because the more I live, the more I realize that friends don't stay friends for ever.  It's not a lack of desire to remain friends, it just happens.  Time and distance can't help but increase and amplify our changing lives.  And facebook does nothing to help, I actually feel farther apart from people as I read their updates.  Sure I'm in the know, but being in the know doesn't involve me and makes me feel sad for not being there to have fun with dear friends.  Being in the know doesn't do anything but curtail conversation when I do meet up with people.

Friend:  "Guess what I saw yesterday?!?"
Me:  "A mime, walking an iguana."
Friend:  "yeah..."
Me:  "I read it on facebook"
Friend: "oh"

So I guess the lesson is...people grow up and move on, and social networking media is actually making us all anti-social.

Ironic to post these unbelievably obvious revelations on a blog and then link it on my facebook.  Your welcome.

PS:  This post is brought on by the birth of my nephew and saying goodbye to Christy.