Saturday, September 25, 2010

100 Pushups!

Ok, I am trying this again.  Given the number of things I've accomplished this year, (also my flagging commitment to accomplishing things) I thought this the ideal project to re-invigorate myself.  For one thing, lugging around pounds of law books doesn't have the same effect as tossing around countless boxes of books, and consequently my arms are re-flabbing themselves.  And for another, this is a relatively small time suck.  Just three times a week.  Join me won't you!  Here's the website...

On a hilarious note, as testament to my non-existent sense of commitment to a challenge; when I was searching for the push-up website I came across a website called 100 layer cake, which was actually a wedding blog.  But not to be un-distracted I searched for the World's Largest Cake, which may or may not have been the birthday cake made for Las Vegas' 100th birthday, there's some debate on the subject.

Also, I found this picture of a giant pumpkin pie.