Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tasmanian Lament

I'm not sure that you are allowed to lament the death of a Tasmanian Devil if you are the asshole that injected it with face cancer.

This article talks all about Cedric, a famed Tasmanian Devil that may have been immune to a facial cancer that is wiping out the species.  Sad, right?  Didn't know Tasmanian Devil's suffered from a contagious face cancer transmitted through their bites, did you? 

Turns out he wasn't immune to face cancer after all...oops!  Too bad, they didn't figure that out before injecting him with the disease.  But really, how are you gonna know if any of them are immune until you inject every last one of them.  Seems like good science to me.  RIGHT?! 

Where exactly is the logic behind injecting an at-risk animal with the disease that is putting it at risk.  And now you're sad that he's dead...BOO-EFFING-HOO!  What did you think was gonna happen, you morons?!?  Here's a tip, why don't you turn your astute minds to pandas next, save us all a lot of grief.

Rant, complete.