Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do Over

Starting off on the right foot means, starting off in a pair of shoes that are all your own.  I chalk my horrible first week of law school up to the fact that I wore one of my shoes, and one of Christy's shoes on the first day (for those that don't know, my good friend, Oxford-bound Christy, is couch surfing at the Casa de la Ball until October)  And yes, I really did put on two different shoes that first day... though in my defense they were both black Chuck Taylors, only 1 size different.

Transition is hard.  I always forget that.  I get so impatient with waiting for the transition to come, that the difficulty of it always blindsides me.  When I moved to Seattle, I was hung up in my past life and I forgot to settle into my new life.  I wasted months being unhappy in a place that now I am so sad to be leaving behind.  So, I will learn my lesson.  I will not mope and mourn.  The classes may be hard, and the work never-ending, but schedules will be created, and assignments will get done.  My classmates may be last year's  Fraternity alums, but there is a Women's Caucus to join, and a Boy's Club to upstage.

Week two seems off to a somewhat less rocky start, or at least more well-weathered as I make sure I am wearing the right shoes everyday.