Saturday, August 14, 2010

So Long

It seems at last, after years of work (and it has been years), and years of waiting, I am off and running toward that ever-present goal, while not always solidified at least tugging somewhere in the back of my brain, "Erin, this is what you want... this way." I find myself exhilarated by the new changes coming; buzzing with electric, terrified anticipation. But with new beginnings, come endings, and saying goodbye to Third Place Books was very hard for me. At times, I found myself joyful & energized, loved & embraced, and thrilled about new possibilities. But at other moments, there lurked the toxic pull of darker emotions; I felt bereft, broken, mortified, and unsure. Certain never to recover. But new horizons will always emerge, and tonight's outlook appears slightly more cheerful.

-Strengthening friendships both old and new can't help but lift the spirits.
-Physical challenges, while immense and frightening, invigorate me and spur me on.
-An interminable transition period finally comes to a close, and I feel a freedom; an exhalation of a long-held of breath

So, while I may be sad to be moving on and saying goodbye to dear friends and coworkers; and I may be frightened of what next comes 'round the bend; it is these other empowering forces that drive me on, and leave me with a light heart and clear head.