Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breaking News...Woman Arrested Breaking Police Lines to Get to Her "Mittens"

Well, hello again. Apologies, apologies, excuses, excuses. Seems to be all I'm made of lately. But, there has to be a way around this no internet thing. At least to the end that I post something every once in awhile, maybe not everyday, but certainly more than every other month.

So, I won't bore you with the things I did this summer, mainly because all I did was study and obsess, and most of you have had your fill of that. Instead I will regale you of the tale of the standoff across the street. That's right...a standoff!

Carrie was just driving me home from dinner at her and Trish's place when we turned onto 15th and were greeted with a police blockade just north of my house. Holy crap! I got out and asked the policeman if I could get through, and did he know how long it would take. Both questions were met with a rather curt and altogether unhelpful "no". At this point I got a little panicky, I didn't know what was going on, or even where it was going on and all I could think of was, my poor baby mittens! So, I told Carrie to drive down the back way, and maybe I could get through there. But, when we turned down the block, there were at least five news vans and the SWAT team and Carrie says, "Um, I think this a little bigger than you think." We asked a newsguy what was going on, and thankfully he was a bit more forthcoming than a certain member of Seattle's finest.

It turned out to be some sort of domestic dispute that erupted into a guy waving a gun around. He then locked himself in his apartment, hence the standoff. It also turns out that after "flash bangs", and SWAT teams, and news reporters, the guy wasn't even in his apartment. I feel safer already. Thanks SPD, you guys are great!