Friday, October 16, 2009

Mass Transit Hysteria

I ride the bus because, surprisingly, I enjoy not owning a car. Oh sure, there are those times when I just need to pick up some cat litter and a 30 pound bag of food, and it's raining, and I want to do it in less than 2 hours. But for the most part the joys of not having to worry about insurance, gas, parking and traffic far outweigh the inconveniences of bus travel. Except for days like today...

A man gets on the bus and calls his mother on his cell phone, and proceeds to tell her all about some guy he knows and his medical problems, in the loudest voice possible. And he says "you know" at least 50 times during the conversation, and that tally is after I started counting. Then, as he's getting off the bus, "Okay, I gotta go now, I'm getting off the bus." What!?! Get off your effing phone before you get on the bus. Luckily he was transferring to the same bus as me, and I got to hear all about his friend again, this time as he relayed it to his brother.

This has been happening more and more lately. People talking on phones, carrying on extremely loud and inappropriate conversations, making out in the seat behind me, listening to headphones at a volume at which the entire bus can enjoy. If there's thing I love after a long day, it's riding home to the sounds of 16 year-olds sucking each others' faces off. And Everyone else, in what I'm beginning to discover is true Seattle fashion, just sits there, occasionally glaring in passive aggressive silence.

I think it may be time for that scooter I've been dreaming about. Donations accepted.