Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the Old

Last day of 2009. My main resolution of the year was to stop procrastinating. I think I did okay. Seeing as how I started studying for my September LSAT in March and got 8 of 10 applications out before December. But also ran around like a fool while I continued to procrastinate on less important matters. Maybe I need the pressure to function. Who knows?

It was a busy year with trips to Arizona and Nebraska. My parents, Jilly, and Andrea each came for visits. I saw The Killers in concert. Took the LSAT and applied to schools. Read 79 books. And much more.

I also knocked off 5 things on my life list, including...go backpacking, learn to juggle, and throw a Cher-themed party.

I have dubbed 2010 "the year of balance," in which I bring...well, balance to my life. More on that as it develops.