Monday, January 11, 2010


I recently watched Brigadoon. I'm not sure what possessed me to pick this up at the library, but I need to remember to fight that urge in the future.

My friend Arianne claims that even bad pizza is good pizza. Musicals are not pizza. Bad musicals are just bad. And Brigadoon is among the worst I've seen.

Even if I could suspend my disbelief of the farcical accents, ridiculous plot line, mediocre choreography, and outrageous plaid tights, I don't think I could ever believe that Gene Kelly is the dashing hero he's supposed to be. Especially with those pantylines. It's so bad it's just bad.

The only slightly redeeming quality in this hot, steaming turd is Van Johnson as the surly, alcoholic, friend who accidentally shoots and kills one of the fantastical Brigadoonians. I can't imagine a better use of a fake bullet.