Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cats are Self-Cleaning

I was sweeping the floor tonight. And as I sweep, I always pick up a few kernels of cat food amongst the litter, hair, dust and other floor nasties. And always, without fail, when I finish the kitchen and go to sweep the bathroom, I come back and there is Opal eating the three or four pieces of cat food out of the pile of floor nasty. It is literally three pieces, and it won't matter if she had just eaten or the bowl is totally full, she will still eat the three pieces out of the pile of dirt. I'm not sure what goes through her tiny head, but sometimes, it's not much

Here is Opal demonstrating how much she loves the pile of dirt by pointing at it.

And here is an example of how far away the full food dish is from the pile of dirt. (Note Brody in the background eating from the actual bowl)