Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update

I've thought long and hard about this. I love my job and my bookstore and above all, I love the customers that shop there and keep us in business even though they could go to that dreaded online bookstore and save "scads" of money. Unfortunately, most of my good material comes from work. So, as a disclaimer, none of these anecdotes represent a particular individual, it is just my bitchy, self-righteous, condescending view of the world. Without further ado, I present, Things That Annoyed Me This Weekend...

-It snowed, and everyone who came to the cash registers had to tell me that it was snowing.

-Nobody had any idea what they wanted, one example...
Customer: Do you have any books by Tony Atwood?
Me: What's the title?
C: I don't know.
M: I don't see anything, could it be Anthony?
C: I don't know.
M: I don't see anything listed for a Tony or Anthony Atwood. Do you know anything about it, any words in the title or what kind of book it is?
C: No.

-People could not get over how adorable their kids were. They kept having them pay, which, let me tell you, taking money from kids is like pulling teeth. They're shy, won't look at you, are always looking at their parents when I ask a question. It's like I'm trying to complete the transaction with their parents only through a very unreliable telephone with a time delay like they're on the moon. And the bills are always crumpled in a wad, and they can't take the change without dropping it because their hands are too damn small. Just so you know, we don't think it's adorable, we think it's annoying.

-A man complained about my t-shirt which says, "vote," with a drawing of hands. He asked me why we should vote and then proceeded to spout out every negative, cynical argument against voting, finishing with, "Of course I voted, but I wasn't proud of it." Astounding.

-While going to the bathroom a little girl about 6 or 7 peeped at me through the gap between the door. And it wasn't just a look to see if the stall was empty (she saw me go in), it was peeping. The best part was her mother who was standing there watching her peep. She didn't say anything to stop her, didn't say anything to me when I came out, or when I rang them up at the cash registers a few minutes later. Just a little tip for all you parents out there, don't let your kids spy on people going to the bathroom.