Saturday, May 29, 2010


So, here is my first official law school textbook. Looks riveting, doesn't it? Well, I think it looks terrifying, and Carrie says it looks like a cliche. I wonder if they make Cliff's Notes for these?

My first class starts 3 weeks from Monday, called Criminal Law, of course. It seems unbelievably surreal to think I'm taking a class called Criminal Law...crazy.

These next three years are going to be; well, to speak plainly, fucking expensive. And if I may not know what kind of law student I will be, I do know that I am nothing if not frugal. So I thought I might keep a tally on all the money I'll be saving. The computer the school suggested (the best, most expensive computer they suggested) is $1200. I got a better computer at a better price and saved about $400. And this beautiful book bought new is about $150, used from the college, about $100. I got it online from a place called Better World Books for $64 (including shipping). So far the tally is at -$486. I'll keep you posted on my future money saving adventures!