Saturday, May 1, 2010


Praise be! I have the interwebs!

After an excruciating 2-hour visit from the cable man, in which I needed to use the restroom desperately (incidently a 2-hour visit which caused me to miss the May Day Immigration March, though it's my own fault for scheduling the appointment on May Day), I am once again connected to the outside world. It's not as if I am a Luddite; though I do think computers and eventually robots will mean the destruction of the human race. So, I'm not quite sure how I lasted the better part of the year without internet. But make it I did, though I will say that towards the end of this sad technology drought, the walls were beginning to close in on me here in my comfy little hovel. So with my apologies for the blog-out, please check back for future posts about the cats, law school updates, craftings, and my general egomaniacal musings on things that you probably care little about.