Friday, May 7, 2010

White Rabbit Syndrome

Remember that Year of Balance I was going for? Well I have made some good changes, and failed spectacularly at others. Some things, I find, will just be forever and always out of balance.

I cannot go to bed on time. And I cannot wake up in the morning. I will hit the snooze button countless times. On all three alarms. Yes, three alarms. Needing to leave the house at 8:35AM to catch my bus, I will always be rushing out the door at 8:38AM, and consequently always running to catch my bus.

In fact, my bus driver has noticed my nearly ritualistic morning dash. He asked me if I was transferring from another bus, and I lied and said yes. I couldn't stand the shame from his accusatory stare if I were to tell him that I just have trouble getting out of bed. And also, I think if I told him the truth, he would be less likely to wait for me when he sees me running. I can picture him driving off, leaving me in the dust, maniacal laughter swirling amongst the bus exhaust, as he curses me, "Just get up 5 minutes earlier!"

So in trying to break my habit, I have learned that I am a creature of habit. I am habitually late. Constantly three minutes tardy. Perpetually unpunctual.