Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boycott Alert!

I've had a couple of beefs with Stephen King recently. For one thing, he publicly blasted Stephenie Meyer, saying she, "can't write worth a damn." Now you all know I read the Twilight books. I enjoyed them, and I will admit that the writing is mediocre at best, and the message is appalling. But really Stephen King. Really! You're going to judge someone on their writing capabilities, really? What a douche bag. Here's the original article if you're so inclined,0,3335694.story

Moving on to beef number two. Stephen King has written a novel exclusively for Kindle aka Amazon. For those of you who don't know, Kindle is the "wireless" reading device sold by Amazon, it's like an Ipod for the bookishly inclined. There are a couple of issues with Kindle. A "wireless" reading device? When was the last time a book had wires?! Also, apparently the books that you buy on Kindle are not yours forever. After a certain period time the books are erased form your "wireless" reading device. So buy your books at a local bookstore and own them forever, or buy them from Kindle/Amazon and own them for as long as the next American Idol season lasts.
All that aside...Stephen King has written a novel for Kindle. This novel will not be available in bookstores. So the hard-core King fans, will have to buy a Kindle, and will subsequently buy all their books from Kindle. How on Earth does someone, or his publicist, justify the screwing of all the stores that have provided his livelihood for the last 30 years? Curious indeed.
Some of my coworkers thoughts after hearing the Kindle news...
"Stephen King is an ass."
"I hope he gets hit by another car."

My sentiments exactly.