Sunday, February 8, 2009

Minor Incidents

Things that brought me joy this weekend...

-I got 2 pizza bagels in the Day-Olds

-Jon shared his chocolate milk again

-I gave Jon a Snickers when he wouldn't eat my extra pizza bagel

-Two paper bags equals one plastic bag

-The trash compactors at work are called...wait for it..."Cram-a-Lot"s...YAY!

-A little boy in a bow tie asked for a book and then sat like an angel reading it for 15 minutes

-I saw a Red-Tailed hawk

-While looking up Red-Tailed Hawks, I found a bird called a Bushtit, which made me giggle

-While talking to Eric about my new-found fear of corn, he mentioned corn waiting in a dark alley ready to attack me and I came up with the delightful pun..."the corn is 'stalk'ing me!"

-We got in a new book called The Purity Test, which I took and found out I am 62% pure, much less pure than I thought.

-Carrie knows me a lot better than previously suspected, or perhaps I am simply more transparent than I thought.

-Saw this awesome video on Jon's blog, which you all should see, and you must watch the second "translation" video