Friday, February 20, 2009

It Happened Last Night

Sometimes the Seattle vibe is just too much for me. We get it, you live in Seattle, you're so cool, oh you like wine, that makes you cool flash, I live here, I like wine, but do I act like an elitist

So I went to a wine tasting last night with Carrie, Becca and Trish. It was at this cute little wine/yummy shop on Greenwood. We did arrive late, so when we got there, everyone was already enjoying their 1st pour and some snackies. We paid, and went into a corner, and this is where it gets interesting.

As I was taking off my coat, in what apparently was a very flailing like way, Trish walked behind me, I somehow hit her arm from below causing her to simultaneously drop her glass and throw most of the wine in her face. Oh my God, I was mortified. But it gets better. As Trish was trying to find napkins to get the wine out of her eyes and thus prevent blinding, nobody would move, or help her, or even hand her napkins. What the Hell? And in the stunned silence that follows any loud noise, I heard someone say, "They must already be drinking." And someone else say "Looks like they came from across the street." (where there is another bar) Someone in our group asked Trish about glass in her eyes, and everyone just sat there. I was mortified by the initial commotion, but then really embarrassed by people thinking we were already drunk. I say again, What the Hell?

Here are some pointers for if you find yourself in a similar situation where non-drunk people have had an accident...
-if someone has wine in their eyes, move out of the way.
-better yet, hand them a napkin.
-if there is a question of glass in the eyes, try having a little compassion, not snide remarks.
-as for snide remarks, either keep them to yourself, or whisper...the wine was in her eyes not her ears you a-holes.
-don't look at the people as if they are martians, what, you've never dropped something in your life?
-don't hog the cheese plate, what you're better than us cause you're not covered in wine?
-don't wear so much make-up (gray sweater girl) it doesn't make you look young, it makes you look like Joan Rivers.
-don't sit there and make moony eyes at the wine guy. He saw the way you acted towards the wine-soaked cute girls. He doesn't think you're nice or cute (again the make-up) He thinks you're mean and jealous because the wine-covered girls are so much cuter than you.

Okay, so maybe the last few tips stem from my animosity. I was just so surprised. I've never felt so unwelcome in my life. All because of a little accident. That said, the guys working there were very nice, but I won't go back if I see gray-sweater, spackle-make-up girl and her cronies there.