Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stand By Your Man

Remember how excited we were a month ago. This cartoon reminded me, and then made me feel naive and innocent and much too much too idealistic...nope, still excited! Nothing can drag me off the Obama train! Even all you people out there who are abandoning the train, hating, if you will. Where are your slogans now? How 'bout your t-shirts, and '08 election signs. Remember when you were searching eBay looking for the Hope poster. Well, I remember! You couldn't get enough Barack. And now look at you. Too cowardly to stand by your man in the face of a much more uncertain future than previously suspected. Well, suck it up! It's tough out there, this is no time to abandon the Chosen One! Why don't you just take a little gander at this cartoon and think back to what you were doing on Inauguration Morning and stop trying to make me feel bad for still having hope.