Sunday, June 14, 2009


Nothing new, just loads and loads of freaking out. I mean, real honest to goodness, freaking out. The likes of which I haven't experienced since...well, since about a year ago, amidst all the moving, settling in hubbub. When I wake up, this is what goes through my mind,

"AHHH! Good sleep...wait, what day is it?!? Do I have to work today...DID I MISS MY BUS!?!? Hey, Brody. Where's Opal? zzzzzzzzz. Oh shit, what do I have to do today? Wait, am I supposed to study? LSAT, LSAT, LSAT. Law school...LAW SCHOOL LAW SCHOOL LAW SCHOOL LAW SCHOOL. Whose idea was this? Money. No money. I have to pee. zzzzzzzzzz. Hungry."

I think I'm just experiencing the pre-summer visits/excursions stress. Hopefully it will pass when everything is over... and on the proactive side, I've made a list of things to do (as suggested by the madre), so maybe my morning routine won't be quite so full of freak outs if I just stick to the list...and stop wasting my time on the computer.