Sunday, June 7, 2009

Feathered Friends my Ass

I finally did it, I dragged myself out of bed in the pre-dawn hours to go running before work. Okay, maybe not pre-dawn, but 7:20 AM is pretty damn early for me. I filled my water bottle, tightened my shoes, blasted my Killers music, ran out the door, turned the corner and... got attacked by a crow. What the hell! It wasn't like I turned the corner, and ran into a bird that happened to be flying on my same trajectory but in the opposite direction. HE ATTACKED ME! He dive-bombed me three times, screaming with that derisive crow screech. Did he think I was a predator, I mean I've seen crows do that to eagles, but me! And I would like to say to that crow..."You picked the wrong human to attack. I used to be on your side! And now you've ruined it for all the other crows. "

Some thoughts and theories from coworkers and friends:
-"Maybe he thought my hair was an animal to eat like owls that think women's ponytails are squirrels."
-"He probably had a nest nearby."
-"He was just having a bad day."
-"OH MY GOD!!!! CROWS REMEMBER YOUR FACE! You better be careful!"

Me, I think he was just commenting on my running form.