Friday, June 26, 2009

Road Trip

On the way out to Olympic National Park last week, Carrie, Trish and I had fun with a few Madlibs (Which, by the way, are way better when played as an adult.) Here's a little taste...

Kid: I'm starved, Mom. My sphincter is growling.

Mom: I think you've had enough snail food today. You ate enough to choke a scrapbook.

Kid: But I'm a growing police. Dad, can we stop and get a hamburger with bald eagles and sand dollars?

Dad: You just had a scorched breakfast!

Kid: No, I didn't. All I had was a couple of scrambled computers and a glass of tar.

Mom: How about those five pieces of buttered cellar, plus that stack of monuments?

Kid: Eegads! I have to go to the garlic bread room. Can we stop? I have to go real sticky!

: Okay. It'll give me a chance to stretch my guardrails.

: Stop at that diner, I could use a cup of strong turpentine.

: As long as we're stopping, can I have a grilled lactose and some dreary fries? That will hold me till lunch.

Wow, Madlibs really are the lamest game ever invented.